Cari DeCandia (Special Needs Digest)

“Best-Rated Apps for Autism and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)”

Designed by a team of Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs), ABABasic makes running a discrete trial somehting you can do anytime it is convenient. The discrete trial is the cornerstone of many beginning ABA programs. ABABasic makes running these trials accessible and easy. It records all the data into an easy to use automatic email file, perfect for transferring data to paper file, PC, or Mac. Simply take pictures of what you want to test (i.e., apples, bike, words, etc) and launch ABABasic. This app will prompt you for all necessary information. Set up is a snap. The student can either select the items off the phone/tablet or you can use the photos as a guide for present tangible items. All data is recorded and emailed so there is no need for conspicuous clipboards or notebooks. The app can run infinite trials. Each discrete trial consists of six turns (the perfect amount for randomization) and ABABasic electronically randomizes trials so side bias is a thing of the past!


ABA Basic: Discrete Trial