myPref: Preference Assessment

What Is myPref?


Designed by our team of Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs), myPref is a convenient, efficient way to perform a preference assessment. up-to-date client preferences are vital to the effectiveness of any behaviorally based program. ABA Preference makes performing these assessments easy and accurate. No more worrying about reinforcer placement or calculations! Simply use your phone or tablet to photograph the reinforcers you would like to assess and lauch the app. The app will prmpt you for all the necessary information and set up is a snap. The student can either select the items off the phone/tablet or the service provider can use the app as a guide for available, real-life items. myPref also controls for side bias. All data is recorded and emailed in an easy to understand format, so no need for conspicuous clipboards and notebooks.


Who Should Use myPref?


  • Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA), BCaBAs, RBTs, and ABA Therapists

  • Parents of children with Autism

  • Parents of children who are non-verbal or lack communication skills

  • Teachers and Schools

  • Clinicians who work with children, non-verbal clients, and the elderly

  • Focus Groups and Marketing Teams