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Welcome to our new blog, Talk About It.

Many people don't know how to simply be around people with disabilities. put on your shiny awarify helmet and strap in, because I may challenge (or possibly reinforce) what you already know.

How do you start the conversation? How do you not only understand what works but apply it to our every day? Raise your hand if life has thrown you a sticky situation (or two). Keep your hand raised if you bring some of the situations yourself. Do you want to be better with people? Do you have a loved with special needs who could use a little help being more effective in their life? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this blog is for you!

TALK ABOUT IT Will focus on practical strategies and build a bridge from the research floating 30,000 feet above our heads to where we can utilize it right now.

Here you'll find topics ranging from adaptive and assistive technology, to parenting to research. And we listen--if there's a topic that you'd like more information about, email us at and we'll get on it!

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