Embrace the Tech

Embrace the Tech

The benefits of technology, when used with people with disabilities, is that it opens up a plethora of ways to make the world more inclusive. Technology could be used with already established treatments, for example:

Modeling- video clips of the individual being verbally prompted to complete a mult-step task could be edited so that the individual sees themselves performing the task through to completion…

Schedules and self-management-checklist or productivity apps could be used to monitor progress on many tasks…

Social narratives-pictures or images could be found online to make social narratives more appealing and engaging

As well, different technologies are coming into their own prominence as treatment options, for example:

Alternative and augmentative communication devices (ranging from high- to low-tech), may make it easier to express wants and needs…

Tablets with apps that make it easier or more rewarding for the client to come in contact with learning and communication…

Wearables which provide visual or haptic cues for transitions, reminders, social interactions, self-management…

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics to model basic movements and even help with social skills!

As with any treatment or package of treatments, the need to individualize them cannot be overstated. Mobility or the use of technology in different settings, is also a strong consideration. When done right, supports and strategies should be used to some degree, across settings and people. Embrace the tech! It enables us to communicate, understand, and share knowledge and skills at a significantly more impactful rate.

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